By Mark Memmott

"Rescue crews are working feverishly" throughout Port-au-Prince to get to people still trapped in the rubble left by Tuesday's earthquake, NPR's Jason Beaubien reported just moments ago for NPR's newcast. He was there this morning when search-and-rescue specialists from the Fairfax County (Va.) Fire Department freed two men from elevators at the Hotel Montana.

One of the men said he started to hallucinate during the ordeal, Jason reports:

Yesterday, NPR photo journalist David Gilkey was at the hotel when rescuers freed Sarla Chand, a doctor from New Jersey. You can see the relief and gratitude on her face:

Sarla Chand, age 65, from New Jersey, is rescued by teams from Spain, France and the Urban Search and Rescue unit from Virginia after being trapped inside the destroyed Hotel Montana in Port au Prince Haiti Thursday January 14, 2010. (David Gilkey/NPR)

Happy to be alive. (David Gilkey/NPR)

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1:25 - January 15, 2010