By Mark Memmott

President Barack Obama is again making the case this morning for the health care overhaul legislation that he and his fellow Democrats favor -- and which appears headed for a crucial vote in the House on Sunday.

Earlier today on Morning Edition, NPR's Mara Liasson reported about how the stakes are high for the president:

Also on Morning Edition, NPR's Andrea Seabrook reported that the release of the bill's final language yesterday answered many questions.

Meanwhile, Kaiser Health News reporters Julie Appleby and Mary Agnes Carey have figured out the "nine major changes in the Democrats' health bill."

Our colleague Scott Hensley at Shots is live-blogging before, during and after the president's address (which is happening at George Mason University in Fairfax, Va.).

We'll embed Scott's Cover It Live player here so you can read along. Just click the "play" button and his updates should roll in automatically:

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11:05 - March 19, 2010