By Mark Memmott

Duke University has won three men's national basketball championships and has been in the NCAA Division I final game nine times before.

Butler University had never gotten this far until now.

Duke recruits the nation's highest-profile high school stars and sends many on to the NBA. Butler gets great players, but not the "phenoms" that the big-time programs attract.

Butler plays in the arena where Hoosiers (the ultimate little school vs. the world movie) was set.

In other words, there are some great story lines behind tonight's NCAA Division I men's championship game in Indianapolis. But according to NPR's Mike Pesca, it wouldn't be that big a surprise if Butler wins. It boasts one of the best players in the tournament, sophomore forward Gordon Hayward, plays great defense and may be able to slow things down enough to keep Duke from running away with the game:

The contest tips off at 9:21 p.m. ET, on CBS-TV. We wonder, regardless of which team you think will win, which do you want to win?

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11:00 - April 5, 2010