By Mark Memmott

The U.S. Park Police says it "screwed up" yesterday when members of the White House press corps were moved away from the scene as some members of the Armed Services were arrested outside the Executive Mansion after handcuffing themselves to a gate in a protest over the Pentagon's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy that bars homosexuals from serving in the military.

Politico's Ben Smith reports that Park Police spokesman David Schlosser says neither the Secret Service, the White House nor any other part of the administration had anything to do with the actions that blocked reporters from doing their jobs:

"We had some young officers who, when they were told to move the people back -- which we typically do when we're going to make arrests - they moved the people back a lot further than we typically do," said Schlosser. "That was a rookie, amateur error and they screwed up on that."

Right-leaning websites, including The Drudge Report, have been prominently displaying stories about what happened to the reporters.

Here's video of the scene that's been making the rounds:

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11:32 - April 21, 2010