By Mark Memmott

From what sounds like a beautiful garden in Pakistan -- a garden built for Mughal kings -- Morning Edition's Steve Inskeep today wrapped up the show's special reports about life along the Grand Trunk Road that stretches across India, Pakistan and on to Afghanistan.

As Steve told ME co-host Renee Montagne, he was talking to her from something of "a motel for kings" at the end of what's been an amazing journey.

They spoke at length about how the historic road underscores, as Steve said, the remarkable similarities between India and Pakistan -- even as the people of those two often bitter rival nations hold close to the many differences between them.

Also on ME, executive producer Madhulika Sikka noted that when it comes to food along the route, "you notice the similarities" between India and Pakistan, "not the differences."

We've been hearing from Steve, correspondents Philip Reeves and Julie McCarthy, and the rest of the ME reporting team for more than a month as they've been traveling the Grand Trunk Road. All their posts are one click away. And you can get to a complete archive of their radio reports, photos, an interactive map and other features by clicking here.

Morning Edition's Grand Trunk Road reporting likely isn't quite over. Renee plans to be in Afghanistan in September, and hopes to pick up the trail there.

On the Grand Trunk Road west of Islamabad. Sher Zaman, 18 has been selling corn on the Grand Trunk Road since he was 12. He works 12 hours a day over a make-shift stove that sizzles with the salt in which he cooks the corn. (Photo by John Poole/NPR)

Roasted corn is a common fast food along the route. These ears were sizzling at a stand west of Islamabad. (Photo by John Poole/NPR)

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8:50 - May 21, 2010