A man walks past the tin walls of an outdoor latrine at Camp Corail, in Croiz de Bouquets outside of Port-au-Prince, Haiti, on Tuesday May 4, 2010. Internally displaced people living in makeshift camps in the city were moved to the Corail camp in an attempt to give them a safer and more permanent living situation. January's devastating earthquake has left hundreds of thousands of people homeless most which are still within in the city limits of Port-au-Prince. (David Gilkey/NPR)

At the camp for displaced people in Croiz de Bouquets, Haiti, on Tuesday, a man walked by the tin walls of a latrine. (David Gilkey/NPR)

By Mark Memmott

Nearly four months after the earthquake that destroyed much of Port-au-Prince, killing a couple hundred thousand people in the process and forcing two million or more Haitians from their homes, NPR's Jason Beaubien reports from the island nation that while there is "a lot less rubble," in many places "it looks like absolutely nothing" has changed since buildings collapsed and life there was torn apart.

On Morning Edition, Jason also told host Steve Inskeep that "one of the biggest frustrations" he hears from Haitians is that they don't have jobs anymore and "they don't have anything to do."

The hopeful signs, Jason reports, include the opening of "schools in a box" -- temporary structures that have been put up so that classes can be held. And some markets are open again.

In Haiti, May 4, 2010. (David Gilkey/NPR)

Here and there, some have things to sell. (David Gilkey/NPR)

But, "hundreds of thousands of people" still live in camps and in "very desperate conditions," Jason says. And there is a great deal of worry about what will happen when the rainy season hits in coming weeks and months.

Here's the conversation he had with Steve:

A man sells cold drinks outside of a refugee camp near the collapsed presidential palace in downtown Port-au-Prince Haiti Tuesday May 4, 2010. Many of the people displaced by January's earthquake are still living in make shift shelters on the streets. (David Gilkey/NPR)

Desperate for work, some Haitians are selling what little they can, like this man in Port-au-Prince on Tuesday. (David Gilkey/NPR)

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