In Broad Daylight, Baghdad Burglars Steal Gold, Kill At Least 14 People

There has been a string of armed robberies in Iraq's capital. According to NPR's Peter Kenyon, on the ground in Baghdad, at least 14 people were killed in the heists, which took place in Baiyaa, a neighborhood known for its jewelry shops and currency exchanges.

Police, having cordoned off the area, continue to search for the robbers.

According to the Associated Press, citing Baghdad police officials, the gunmen arrived "in five cars shortly before noon, their faces covered with traditional Arab head scarves. They set off a roadside bomb near the shops, killing four bystanders and wounding three."

Officials told Kenyon that, as robberies become more and more common in Iraq, there is "speculation that ... some militant groups may be resorting to robbery to fund their activities."

Yesterday, a candidate from the Iraqiya Slate, the leading vote-getter in the March elections, was assassinated in Northern Iraq. Police say they have detained two men after the shooting.



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