Hunt On For Man Seen In Times Square Video; Tennessee Deluged By Rains

Good morning.

As we reported earlier, the top executive at BP Global is saying his company will bear the responsibility of stopping the oil spill that has caused a massive slick in the Gulf of Mexico and of paying for the damage it causes.

And we also passed along word this morning that United and Continental Airlines have made it official: They plan to merge, in a combination that would create the world's largest passenger airline.

As for other stories making headlines this morning, they include:

The New York Times — "Police Seek Man Taped Near Bomb Scene": "Law enforcement officials offered a more detailed description of the makeup of the failed car bomb found in Times Square on Saturday night, and said they were reviewing surveillance footage that showed a white man who appeared to be in his 40s walking away from the area as he looked over his shoulder and removed a layer of clothing."

From a related report by NPR's Robert Smith in New York City — In the tape, "you can see a balding, 40-ish man walking quickly away from where the car bomb was parked. ... Mayor (Michael) Bloomberg says there's no sign this was the work of al-Qaida or any other recognized terrorist group":



The Tennessean — Deadly Storms Devastate Parts Of State: "As darkness set in across the soaked and battered Middle Tennessee region Sunday evening, Nashville began evacuating homes and businesses along the rising Cumberland River. The storms that started Saturday have left 11 dead across the state, including five in Davidson County and one in Williamson County. Thousands of cars, homes and basements are filled with water. Entire neighborhoods are submerged, and hundreds of people are in shelters."

From a related report by Nashville Public Radio's Blake Farmer — "Nearly 14 inches of rain has fallen. ... The rain has mostly stopped, but the rescues haven't":



Santa Cruz Sentinel (California) — "Riot Breaks Out" During Workers' And Immigrants' Rights Protests: "A large group of protesters demonstrating at a May Day rally for worker's and immigrant rights downtown broke off into a riot vandalizing about a dozen businesses around 10:30 p.m. Saturday, police said. Many in the group were carrying makeshift torches as they marched, breaking storefront windows and writing 'anarchist graffiti' on buildings, according to Capt. Steve Clark. Many businesses sustained multiple broken windows including very large storefront windows at Urban Outfitters and The Rittenhouse building. Police believe at least 15 businesses suffered damage."

— BBC News — "Surviving Mumbai Gunman Convicted": "A Pakistani national has been convicted over his role in the deadly 2008 Mumbai (Bombay) attacks by an Indian court. Mohammad Ajmal Amir Qasab, 22, the sole surviving gunman, was found guilty on charges including murder, waging war on India and possessing explosives. The attacks left 174 people — including nine gunmen — dead, and soured ties between India and Pakistan. ... The judge will begin hearing arguments about sentencing on Tuesday. The prosecution is seeking the death penalty for Qasab."

— CBS News — "Eyes On Ahmadinejad As Nuclear Summit Convenes": "Delegates of 189 nations convene (in New York) Monday for a twice-a-decade marathon of diplomacy, dickering and deal-making over the 40-year-old treaty designed to check the spread of nuclear weapons worldwide. The presence of Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the only head of state taking part, ensures sharp words will fly over Tehran's nuclear program and Israel's secret bombs, as well as over treaty outsider North Korea and the huge U.S. and Russian nuclear arsenals."



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