By Mark Memmott

A brief break from the serious stuff for some news-of-the-weird:

"Kenny Strasser, or K-Strass, the man who convinced a handful of television stations to put him on as a yo-yo master, is making a splash all over the Internet." (Hubbub, a blog by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

In case you haven't heard about K-Strass yet, he's become known in recent days as "the yo-yo Borat who keeps fooling dumb TV stations."

It seems he claims to be a yo-yo champion who uses his skills to spread a message about environmental awareness. But once he's on the air, it becomes clear that K-Strass is not what he seems. He's more "no-yo" than yo-yo.

Here's the appearance that's created the most buzz on YouTube, from KODE-TV in Joplin, Mo. (skip ahead to about the 1:20 mark if you just want to see him "perform"):

There are, you'll probably not be shocked to hear, a K-Strass Facebook page and a supposedly official K-Strass Twitter page.

Anyone know who he is?

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9:45 - May 12, 2010