After Arrests, Obama Administration Confident In Relationship With Russia

Last week, President Obama hosted his Russian counterpart, Dmitry Medvedev, in Washington. The two leaders fielded questions from reporters, greeted business executives, and ate hamburgers.

On his trip, Medvedev had two principal objectives: to recruit more American interest in the Russian economy, and to show the world that the relationship between the two countries is in good shape.

Yesterday evening, the Department of Justice announced it had arrested 10 alleged secret agents, accused of working undercover to gather intelligence for Russia. An eleventh suspect was arrested in Cyprus today.

Any chance that could change that restored relationship?

Assistant Secretary of State Philip H. Gordon doesn't think so. Speaking to reporters earlier today, he said that "we're beyond the Cold War."

I think our relations absolutely demonstrate that. But I don't think anyone was hugely shocked to know that some vestiges of old attempts to use intelligence are still there.



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