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Pffff: Hong Kong's Six-Story Rubber Ducky's Been Deflated

That's One Big Duck (Or At Least It Was)

Before and after.

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    May 6, 2013: Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman's creation was serenely floating in Hong Kong's Victoria Harbor.
    Li Peng /Xinhua /Landov
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    During deflation, on Tuesday (May 14, 2013).
    Tyrone Siu /Reuters /Landov
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    Today (May 15, 2013): Fully flattened.
    Philippe Lopez /AFP/Getty Images

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That giant rubber duck floating in Hong Kong's Victoria Harbor, which we posted about on May 6, is down for maintenance.

And when we say down, we mean it. It's been deflated.

But fans shouldn't despair. Ducky's hosts say it just "needs to freshen up" and will return. It's set to be in Hong Kong until sometime next month.

As The Associated Press has reported, "Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman created the bright-yellow duck, and it was built of PVC material in New Zealand by a company specializing in large sails. ... The duck has been transported around the world since 2007, bringing a message of peace and harmony. It has previously been to Osaka, Japan, Sydney, Sao Paulo, Auckland, New Zealand, and Amsterdam."



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