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NPR Editorial Assistant Laura Lee takes and screens calls during a live broadcast of Talk of the Nation. Look just above Lee's head to see Neal Conan in the hosting chair on the other side of the glass. Katie Burk/NPR hide caption

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NPR Legal Correspondent Nina Totenberg on stage at the Sixth & ISynagogue for a pre-inauguration Political Junkie Road Show. Madhulika Sikka via Instagram hide caption

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First Stop: Pastry Eating Contest. News Apps Developer Jeremy Bowers, Mobile Product Manager Jen Oh and Digital Media Intern Curtis Bard get the race off to a quick start as they make their way through four pastries. Apparently some NPR staffers are better at savoring their food than scarfing it down: mid-way through, the requirement for completing the challenge was reduced to just two pastries. Kainaz Amaria/NPR hide caption

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Seasoned and new election journalists from NPR talk about their favorite campaign memorabilia collected along the election trail through the years. Read the story behind each of these items, and what makes them so special, below. Katie Burk/NPR hide caption

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StateImpact Pennsylvania developed this interactive map to show which natural gas operators are drilling, and where; find active wells in a county or municipality; and see whether the drillers have been cited for violating state environmental regulations. StateImpact hide caption

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This graphic was originally displayed in the lobby of NPR West and has since been replaced by photos from the I Heart NPR campaign. NPR hide caption

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