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The Definitive Compendium with More Than 225 Recipes

by Diane Morgan, Deborah Madison and Antonis Achilleos

Hardcover, 431 pages, Chronicle Books Llc, List Price: $40 |


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The Definitive Compendium with More Than 225 Recipes
Diane Morgan, Deborah Madison, et al

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Book Summary

Contains information on familiar and exotic root vegetables and includes recipes featuring each vegetable, including horseradish vinaigrette, stir-fried lotus root and snow peas, and yuca chips.

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Carrots' leafy green tops usually end up in the trash. Not so fast, says cookbook author Diane Morgan, who uses the frilly leaves to make a pesto. Courtesy of Diane Morgan hide caption

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Courtesy of Diane Morgan

Finding Flavor In The Castoff Carrot Top

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