Civil War Prose Novel

by Stuart Moore

Civil War Prose Novel

CD/Spoken Word, 6 audio discs (6 hr.), GraphicAudio, List Price: $16.33 | purchase


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  • Civil War Prose Novel
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When a tragic superhero battle destroys much of Stamford, Conn., the government demands that all superheroes reveal their identities and register their powers, dividing the superhero community and pitting allies against one another.

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Hear, Here: Four Audiobooks With A Brand-New Sound

Civil War is based on a Marvel comic series about superheroes Iron Man and Captain America. Wertheimer notes that this unconventional take on an audio story is aiming for a younger audience: "These are not people who are listening to audiobooks because they can't see to read," she says.

Whitten is particularly impressed by the sound effects and other production elements. "This is ... audio theater and drama

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