Election 2008

If you hear from independent groups, tell us about it here or send an email to secretmoney@npr.org. Which group contacted you? Using what medium? What message? When? Which races? President, Senate, House, governor.

To clarify: We’re tracking outside groups – not candidates or political parties. These groups might be unions, well-known advocacy organizations on the left or right, or entities with vague names like “Americans for a Better America.” For examples, click here to listen to an earlier story about groups operating in Iowa and New Hampshire.

Messages We're Looking For

Push polling: Phone calls that sound like polls but are meant to spread negative information. If you can record it, we can put it on the air.

Organized phone banking and automated robo-calls: Again, we'd love to get the audio.

Print: Direct mail brochures and letters. Newspaper ads. Even the flyer that someone stuck under your windshield. Scan it, e-mail it to us and it can end up on NPR.org.

Radio ads: A favorite way to hit a target audience without drawing outside attention. Did we say we love audio?

TV ads: We think we'll have a handle on these. But we like surprises.

These groups are out there. Please help NPR find them.

Tell NPR about the secret money evidence you found:
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Please include your name and phone number or email address; we may want to contact you for more details. NPR will not use your name in a story without contacting you first.


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