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State Of The Race: U.S. Senate: Florida

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Marco Rubio (R) faces Kendrick Meek (D) and Charlie Crist in the November election.
Marco Rubio's references to opponent(s): 6 uses in the last 7 days (down 76%).

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  • Last 7 days: 3 uses (down 57% from last week)



  • Last 7 days: 1 uses (down 88% from last week)



  • Last 7 days: 1 uses (down 90% from last week)

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  • Overall: 167 uses since Aug. 30



  • Overall: 154 uses since Aug. 30



  • Overall: 167 uses since Aug. 30

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Recent uses of words we're tracking Marco explained the importance of this election and the potential problems our country will face if we don't change course soon. Check out a couple photos from this morning's event below: Marco enjoying breakfast at The Original Pancake House...

— via RSS (October 29)

...Gardens enjoying pancakes at The Original Pancake House, meeting supporters and continuing to share his ideas on how to change the direction of our country. Help ensure that America's new road starts this Tuesday:

— via Facebook (October 29)

...great crowd turned out early in Orange Park this morning to hear Marco and talk about ways to create jobs and get our country going again....

— via RSS (October 28)

...and me, Marco is on the verge of what many once thought impossible.  And because of you we are about to change the direction of our country and make history doing it. So what makes a man jump out of an airplane from...

— via RSS (October 28)

...That Is “Just Fear-Mongering.” “Indeed, Rubio has tacitly supported elements of Rep. Paul Ryan’s ‘Roadmap,’ and said he wouldn’t change anything about the program for Americans aged 55 or older. The twisting of the truth is flagrant — especially...

— via RSS (October 26)

...DEBATE FACT #3: Crist Flipped On Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell In 3 Days - What Crist Said… That his change on the policy was heartfelt but it took only three days. The Facts About The Crist Record… Crist Flipped His Position...

— via RSS (October 26)

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