New York - U.S. House, District 29

as of November 1

The Candidates

Photo of Matthew Zeller

Matthew Zeller

  • Democrat
  • Birthdate: January 24, 1982
  • Residence: Victor, NY

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Photo of Tom Reed

Tom Reed

  • Republican
  • Birthdate: November 11, 1971
  • Residence: Corning, NY

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Previous Results

    New York U.S. House (2008)

    Candidate Party Votes %
    Eric Massa DEM 140,529 51%
    Randy Kuhl REP 135,199 49%

    U.S. President: New York (2008)

    Data reflect statewide results.
    Candidate Party Votes %
    Barack Obama DEM 4,804,945 62.9%
    John McCain REP 2,752,771 36%
    Ralph Nader POP 41,249 0.5%
    Bob Barr LIB 19,596 0.3%
    Cynthia McKinney GRE 12,801 0.2%
    Roger Calero SOC 3,615 0%
    Gloria La Riva SOC 1,639 0%

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Source: Associated Press

Recent Analysis

Nov 1, 2010

New NPR Rating

Safe-R (was Lean-R)

    Sep 8, 2010

    GOP's Reed Favored To Take Over Seat

    After Rep. Eric Massa (D) resigned following a sex scandal, Gov. David Paterson (D) -- knowing the party would lose the seat in a special election -- refused to call for one, citing budgetary reasons. So there will be two contests on Nov. 2, one to fill the remaining two months of Massa's term, and one for the 112th Congress. Tom Reed (R), the former mayor of Corning, should win both over Matthew Zeller, a former CIA agent. The GOP remains furious with Paterson for refusing to call for a special election, noting he didn't hesitate to do so when two incumbents left office in the middle of their terms in districts more hospitable to the Democrats. -Ken Rudin

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