Utah - U.S. Senate

as of September 9

The Candidates

Photo of Sam Granato

Sam Granato

  • Democrat
  • Birthdate: May 24, 1950
  • Residence: Salt Lake City, UT

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Photo of Mike Lee

Mike Lee

  • Republican
  • Birthdate: June 4, 1971
  • Residence: Alpine, UT

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Previous Results

    Utah U.S. Senate (2004)

    Candidate Party Votes %
    Robert Bennett REP 626,640 68.7%
    Paul Van Dam DEM 258,955 28.4%
    Gary Van Horn CON 17,289 1.9%
    Joe Labonte PER 8,824 1%

    U.S. President: Utah (2008)

    Candidate Party Votes %
    John McCain REP 596,030 62.6%
    Barack Obama DEM 327,670 34.4%
    Chuck Baldwin CON 12,012 1.3%
    Ralph Nader UNA 8,416 0.9%
    Bob Barr LIB 6,966 0.7%
    Cynthia McKinney UNA 982 0.1%
    Gloria La Riva UNA 262 0%

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Source: Associated Press

Recent Analysis

Sep 9, 2010

Little Chance Of GOP Losing Seat

Incumbent Bob Bennett (R), first elected in 1992, has long been seen as a reliable conservative. But in this year of Tea Party activism, that wasn't enough. He also voted for the bank bailout bill in 2008, a vote that upset conservatives -- so much so that at the May state GOP convention, he failed to get enough delegate support to even make it to the June 22 primary. In that race, attorney Mike Lee, a former clerk to Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito, narrowly defeated businessman Tim Bridgewater, who had the last-minute endorsement of Bennett. Lee is the prohibitive favorite in November against restaurant owner Sam Granato (D) in a state where Democrats haven't won a Senate race since 1970. -Ken Rudin

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