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Newport Folk Festival

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Eugene Hutz of Gogol Bordello performs at the 2011 Newport Folk Festival.
Shantel Mitchell for NPR

Gogol Bordello, Live In Concert: Newport Folk 2011

July 30, 2011 Hear one of the most demented and infectious live bands in the world in a concert from Newport.

Gogol Bordello is the stuff of legend at the NPR Music offices, where singer Eugene Hutz once interpreted the directive, "Perform a short set behind Bob Boilen's desk" to mean, "Perform a lengthy set in which your band passes around a gigantic bottle of vodka, and be sure to climb on some of the other desks to whip up the crowd — and, if you get the chance, could you maybe kiss one of our staffers on the mouth after climbing down?" One of the most demented and infectious live bands in the world, Gogol Bordello assembles something approximating an Eastern European punk-rock circus, suitable for non-stop movement and hearty sing-alongs. Look for the band to showcase songs from 2010's Rick Rubin-produced Trans-Continental Hustle when it plays the 2011 Newport Folk Festival in Newport, R.I., but don't be surprised by the abundant surprises.

Set List
  • Ave. B
  • Wonderlust Ling
  • Immi Punk
  • My Companjera
  • Frequencies of Love
  • Tribal Connection
  • Trans-Continental Hustle
  • Alcohol
  • Through the Roof
  • Universes Collide
  • Immigraniada
  • General Amnesty
  • Sun is on My Side
  • Break the Spell
  • Purple

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About The Festival

George Wein's Newport Folk Festival celebrates over 50 years of live music in picturesque Newport, R.I. The Festival celebrates folk traditions and innovations from all generations. For information on attending this year's Festival, visit their official website.

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