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Newport Folk Festival

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Wilco, Live In Concert: Newport Folk 2012

July 27, 2012 Opening with Woody Guthrie's "Christ for President," Wilco played a two-hour career-spanning set that culminated in an encore featuring Guthrie's granddaughter, Sarah Lee. Hear the band at the 2012 Newport Folk Festival, recorded live on Friday, July 27 in Newport, R.I.

Jeff Tweedy has carved out an astonishing catalog in the past quarter-century, from his groundbreaking alt-country records with Uncle Tupelo through his more sonically expansive and experimental breakthroughs as leader of Wilco, not to mention solo work and side projects like Golden Smog. Tweedy doesn't stay in one place for long, musically speaking, and neither do his almost impossibly adept collaborators in Wilco.

Last year, Wilco released The Whole Love, which meets at the sweet spot where impeccable craftsmanship meets rollicking showmanship. Its songs translate tremendously well in concert — listening to the seven-minute live-wire album-opener, "Art of Almost," it's hard to imagine otherwise — which boded nicely for the career-spanning set Wilco performed at the 2012 Newport Folk Festival, recorded live on Friday, July 27 in Newport, R.I.

Set List:
  • "Christ For President"
  • "Art Of Almost"
  • "I Might"
  • "Poor Places"
  • "Spiders/Kidsmoke"
  • "Impossible Germany"
  • "Born Alone"
  • "Laminated Cat"
  • "Open Mind"
  • "Handshake Drugs"
  • "Can't Stand It"
  • "Whole Love"
  • "Box Full Of Letters"
  • "Always In Love"
  • "Heavy Metal Drummer"
  • "I'm The Man Who Loves You"
  • "Dawned On Me"
  • "A Shot In the Arm"
  • "California Stars"
  • "Airline To Heaven"
  • "The Late Greats"
  • "Walken"
  • "Hoodoo Voodoo"

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George Wein's Newport Folk Festival celebrates over 50 years of live music in picturesque Newport, R.I. The Festival celebrates folk traditions and innovations from all generations. For information on attending this year's Festival, visit their official website.

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