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The Internet: Odd Future's Smooth Side

January 29, 2013L.A.'s Odd Future collective first entered the public consciousness a couple years ago, thanks to its raucous live shows and inflammatory lyrics. But its members know how to chill out, too. Producers Matt Martians and Syd The Kid bring their neo-soul act The Internet to KEXP for a live session on Larry Mizell Jr.'s Street Sounds program. Watch them perform a new song called "Give It Time."

The Internet put on one of my favorite in-studio performances ever — just super-relaxed and intimate. Matt Martians and the whole crew were really cool and funny, while Syd Tha Kyd is on some Lisa Bonet-level of chill.

Normally, groups — especially the younger ones — are for whatever reason low-key nervous when they're at KEXP; there can be a challenge to bringing authentic live energy when you're all packed in a room with no audience besides myself and the photo crew. Not these guys — when Syd just stretches mid-sentence as we go out of the interview into "Give It Time," I was kinda like, 'Who are you?' The Internet owned our stage with a confident set of vintage, quirky neo-soul.

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More Favorite Sessions

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