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Unknown Mortal Orchestra In Concert

Unknown Mortal Orchestra In Concert

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The psych-rock trio Unknown Mortal Orchestra doused a sold-out Washington, D.C., crowd in an epic wash of guitar noise during an hour-long performance at the Rock and Roll Hotel, recorded and webcast live on Feb. 27.

Unknown Mortal Orchestra, from Portland, Ore., just released its latest shape-shifting album, titled II. What began as a basement project for frontman Ruban Nielson has since grown to a full band, with a sound that traverses 40 years' worth of popular music, from vintage soul to shimmering pop, psych-rock and funk.

Set List

  • "Little Blue House"
  • "Thought Ballune"
  • "Bicycle"
  • "How Can You Luv Me?"
  • "No Need For A Leader"
  • "Strangers Are Strange"
  • "Faded In The Morning"
  • "Jello And Juggernauts"
  • "Monki"
  • "From The Sun"
  • "Swim And Sleep"
  • "So Good At Being In Trouble"
  • "Ffunny Ffriends"
  • "Boy Witch"
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