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Anenon, 'End'

Los Angeles electronic artist Anenon's new video, for the song "End," feels more like a beginning. Shot entirely on Super 8mm film, the video offers a glimpse into an almost magical world of light and color. Flowers sway in a silent breeze. Water babbles in the distance. Then the figure of a woman appears, just beneath the surface of a hazy lens of rippled glass. It's like peering into some fantastical chrysalis, waiting for a metamorphosis. But the change or evolution in this case is a small step, from nothing to the possibility of something. It's a gorgeous and utterly transfixing marriage of images and sound.

The video, directed by Ellie Parker, is an excerpt from a longer film she produced called Amani & Rae, about two friends who spend the summer traveling by bus, discovering new landscapes.

Anenon is otherwise known as saxophonist and electronic improvisation musician Brian Allen Simon. His latest album, which features "End" as the closing track, is Sagrada, on the Non Projects label.

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