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Brian Blauser/Mountain Stage

Lily & Madeleine.

Brian Blauser/Mountain Stage

Mountain Stage

Lily & Madeleine On Mountain Stage

Lily & Madeleine On Mountain Stage

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Lily and Madeleine Jurkiewicz make their first appearance on Mountain Stage, recorded live in Charleston, W.Va. Sisters from Indianapolis, the pair transitioned from YouTube success to sold-out shows and a record contract while still in school.

The two recorded their first EP, The Weight Of The Globe, in between classes, and released their first full-length album in 2013. A follow-up, Fumes, came out in 2014. The sisters play guitar and piano here, backed by Shannon Hayden on cello and mandolin.

Set List
  • "In The Middle"
  • "And Tonight"
  • "Spirited Away"
  • "Fumes"
  • "Devil We Know"
  • "Rabbit"
  • "Back To The River"
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