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Eskmo, 'Mind Of War'

I like music videos best when they turn me onto a new artist. This riveting stop-motion video has me listening to the music of Eskmo, an L.A. composer and producer and the moniker of Brendan Angelides. The video is reminiscent of Peter Gabriel's "Sledgehammer" — both feature a sole performer in stop-animation surrounded by zaniness. And there's a bit of Gabriel's wit and power in Eskmo's music.

The video was done by stop-motion animator Dillon Markey (Robot Chicken, the Academy Award nominated short "Fresh Guacamole" and "Submarine Sandwich").

The music in the video for this song, "Mind of War" — as with all the songs on Eskmo's just-released record, SOL is about the planets and the way they shape human emotion. In an email, Brendan Angelides told us, "My urge was to create an album whose main characters were the Sun, Moon and Earth and how they all play a roll in the perfect simple life of a perfectly imperfect human. Each track within their peaks and valleys plays a specific role in the narrative."

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