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Mitski, 'Townie'

Over fuzzy guitars and a doo-wop beat, "I'm not what my daddy wants me to be" was one of the most understated yet resonant lines of 2014, from Mitski's late-year album Bury Me At Makeout Creek. It's also the inspiration for director Faye Orlove's animated video, which features hair clips, text messages, Chinese take-out boxes and a few NSFW images, playfully rendered in thick lines and a pink-and-orange palette.

"It's about being stuck, being impatient," Mitski tells The Fader, "being bored to death, being angry with what you've been given, and being young and soft and defiant inside and not knowing what to do with that."

A reissue for Bury Me At Makeout Creek comes out April 7 on Don Giovanni. Download the song in our Austin 100 mixtape.

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