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Michael Rault, 'Nothing Means Nothing'

If you like The Beatles — especially the period around 1968 that produced the White Album and songs like "Dear Prudence" — then give a listen to Michael Rault. This Toronto-based singer has nailed the harmonies and guitar sound that is part of pop's DNA in this song, "Nothing Means Nothing." This single gives us a hint as to what's in store when Rault releases his second album, Living Daylight, on May 5.

Accompanying this instant pop classic tune is a perfect candy-colored cartoon created by Sean Solomon of Lucas Bros Moving Co fame. Solomon told us via email that the "Nothing Means Nothing" video "is a Sesame Street/Mary Blair-inspired drug trip. The drugs start to kick in as the song does. There were no storyboards and the whole thing was done straight ahead, in a stream of consciousness sort of way. The first drawing I did is the first thing you see, and the last drawing I did, is the last thing you see. I tried to animate to the music and cut to the music as much as possible because the song is so good."

He's right, you know: The song is so good, but so are his drawings and humor. Like a good handful of candy, I went back for more.

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