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Shooting Guns, 'BarnBurner'

You are a werewolf. You are a cop. You ride a motorcycle. You need a bottle of cheap Canadian whiskey, a foxy lady at your side and a soundtrack that howls at the moon. You need Shooting Guns.

The instrumental psych-rock band from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, knows how to choogle, burn and rip like Hawkwind thrown into the middle of a Mad Max set. That's why director Lowell Dean tapped Shooting Guns to score Wolfcop, a 2014 horror-comedy that's exactly as ridiculous/awesome as you think it is. The perfectly titled "BarnBarner" comes from the soundtrack, and here Dean returns the favor by directing a psychedelic motorcycle trip featuring Wolfcop himself. A word of advice: Don't piss off Wolfcop.

"BarnBurner" is available as a 7" single and on the full soundtrack from RidingEasy.

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