Advisory: This video contains brief nudity.


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Watch: Eartheater's 'Homonyms' Is A Waking Dream

Eartheater, a.k.a. Alexandra Drewchin, makes psychedelic music that's at once familiar and mutated. On a pair of albums released last year — Metalepsis and RIP Chrysalis — Drewchin, with a penchant for pop subversion and vocal alterations, found folk music in synths and harsh noise, and vice versa.

Several months in the making, director Sigrid Lauren's video for the hypnotic yet frenetic "Homonym" not only captures the dreamlike quality of the song, but also gives it an origin story. Set in a lush countryside, four androgynous dancers exude utopian bliss despite wearing gas masks: "Creatures born into whatever harshness will always find joy if this is all they know," Drewchin writes in a treatment for the video. Drewchin rises from the river, unaffected by whatever ails the environment, dressed in a hooded, tie-dyed robe. She is both creation and creator, overcoming the ills of the world in order to change it. "More often than non, a waking dream is also an aching dream," she sings with the now-unmasked dancers in an open field, celebrating a euphoric evolution. "Yearn for it... learn it."

Metalepsis is out now on Hausu Mountain. Eartheater heads out on tour with Arcade Fire's Sarah Neufeld in March and April.

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