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Sink Into TALsounds' 'Disgrace,' A Bathtub Full Of Synthesizer Ooze

Natalie Chami's music as TALsounds nestles into the warming wires of synths and loop pedals like a bathtub full of glowing ooze. It's weird at first, then soothing, as TAL sounds lures you into its all-analog goo. After releasing cassettes on labels like Patient Sounds, Moog's in-house label, and Hausu Mountain (co-owned with her members in Good Willsmith), Chami's getting her first full-length vinyl treatment.

Premiering here with a warped video directed by Sarah Zucker, "Disgrace" is the first single from Love Sick, a late-night gurgle of oscillator-pop somewhere between Bjork's hushed confessionals and The Knife's minimalist synth experiments. Like all of TALsounds' catalog, Chami improvises the music and edits the choice cuts for release. Love Sick sees her focus on an intimate mode with a vulnerability that's only lurked in the background before.

Love Sick comes out June 2 on Ba Da Bing.

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