Election 2000


  • Opposes abortion except in cases of rape, incest or threat to the life of the mother.
  • Would not make the issue a litmus test for Supreme Court appointees. He has also said he does not believe the country would support an all-out ban on the procedure.
  • Supports a ban on partial-birth abortion.
  • Backs limitations on availability such as parental notification, waiting periods and the "gag rule" that barrs clinics from offering information about abortion options.
  • Opposes any taxpayer funding for all abortions and supports the ban on money for overseas clinics that advocate abortion.
  • Has voiced concern that RU-486 would increase the number of abortions, but would not seek to overturn its approval.
  • Has pledged to uphold the Roe vs. Wade Supreme Court ruling legalizing abortion, but would not condition Supreme Court appointments on the issue.
  • Would back a proposed ban on so-called "partial birth abortion" with exceptions for the health of the mother.
  • Supports the FDA's approval of the RU-486 abortion pill.
  • Supports Medicaid funding for abortion, opposes the ban on federal funds for overseas health clinics that advocate abortion and backs abortion access for U.S. service women serving abroad
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