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Vice President Al Gore
Vice President Al Gore
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Convention News:

Democrats Anticipate Gore's Acceptance Message

August 17, 2000 -- The Democratic National Convention winds up tonight when U.S. Vice President Al Gore accepts the Democratic presidential nomination. When he takes center stage at the Staples Center sports arena in Los Angeles, Gore will deliver what is being billed as the most important speech of his life.

The vice president says he's been writing the speech himself for the past two months, and says it will offer a detailed accounting of his policies and vision of where he wants to lead the country.

audio button Listen as Morning Edition guest host Renee Montagne talks to Bill Turque, Washington correspondent for Newsweek and author of the book, Inventing Al Gore, about what's likely to be included in the vice president's speech.

On Wednesday evening, actor Tommy Lee Jones -- Al Gore's roommate in college -- placed the vice president's name in nomination. Gore's daughter Karenna Gore Schiff seconded the nomination with a speech offfering a more private view of her father. Listen to their speeches.

Who is Joe Lieberman?
The featured speaker last night was the man Gore has chosen to be his running mate. Connecticut Senator Joseph Lieberman urged Americans to elect Al Gore to the White House, calling him a man of "vision and values." audio button In his address Lieberman promised that Gore would economic prosperity to everyone. Listen as NPR's Melissa Block reports for Morning Edition.

Lieberman's speech put forth a centrist message, but was carefully crafted not to alienate liberal voters. Many political commentators have said the Democratic Party must court both ideologies to win the election in November. Last night Lieberman presented that view and gave many Americans, including many Democratic delegates, their first opportunity to hear Joseph Lieberman give a major speech. audio button Listen as NPR's Andy Bowers reports for Morning Edition that, on the convention floor at least, Lieberman made a strong impression.

audio buttonHear Lieberman's full speech at the convention.

Parties and Politics
Off the convention floor in Los Angeles there is no lack of diversion for the delegates and officials. There are brunches and lunches, cocktail receptions, soirees after the evening sessions -- and late night parties after those. One of fanciest was hosted by Louisiana Senator John Breaux, but paid for, audio button as almost all are, by large corporations and special interest groups. Listen as NPR'S Ina Jaffe reports for Morning Edition.

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