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Clinton: Clinton: "I'm Profoundly Sorry"
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Impeaching the President
Impeaching the President

On Saturday, February 6, 1999, House managers and White House attorneys review the videotaped testimony from Monica Lewinsky, Vernon Jordan, and Sidney Blumenthal before the Senate. You can read the transcripts of the depositions. You can also check out our photo gallery.

Listen to NPR analysis of the first few clips.
Listen to NPR analysis and an interview with Senator Robert Bennett, (R-Utah), who is authoring a censure motion with Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-California).
Listen to NPR analysis of Nicole Seligman's presentation.
Listen as NPR's Neal Conan, Nina Totenberg and Daniel Schorr analyze the presentations.
Listen as NPR commentators wrap up the day's events.
Listen as NPR's Ray Suarez hosts a special call-in program discussing the Senate trial.

Audio Clips
Listen to an opening tribute for Raymond Scott Bates, 50, the legislative clerk who read the roll call. The 30-year Senate veteran was killed Friday night after being stuck by a car while crossing the street.
Listen as House manager James Rogan, (R-California), presents the first video clips of Monica Lewinsky's testimony.
Listen as House manager Asa Hutchinson, (R-Arkansas), details Vernon Jordan's deposition.
Listen as White House attorney Nicole Seligman reviews depositions from Lewinsky and Jordan.
Listen as White House attorney David Kendall outlines additional defense arguments.
Listen as House manager Ed Bryant, (R-Tenn.), talks about the depositions.
Listen as House manager Asa Hutchinson, (R-Arkansas), talks about the depositions.
Listen as House manager Lindsey Graham, (R-South Carolina), talks about the depositions.

Video Clips
Watch Monica Lewinsky's testimony about Vernon Jordan helping her find a job.
Watch video excerpts of Lewinsky's deposition played by the prosecutors.
Watch as Vernon Jordan recalls his discussion of Lewinsky's subpoena.
Watch testimony from Sidney Blumenthal played by the House managers.
Watch video clips of Monica Lewinsky's testimony about meetings with the president and gifts, played by the White House attorneys.
Watch as White House attorneys present video testimony from Vernon Jordan about his helping Lewinsky on her job search and his discussions with President Clinton.

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