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Coping Since Sept. 11
NPR Listeners Reflect on Life After National Tragedy

listenListen to Bob Edwards' report on listener letters.

Nov. 9, 2001 -- Recently, Morning Edition listeners were invited to write about themselves and whether they are living -- or thinking -- differently since Sept. 11.

Morning Edition received hundreds of e-mails from all over the country -- Florida to Oregon, New Mexico to Maine. Many of the listeners say they have added patriotism and prayer to their daily lives. Others express a renewed appreciation of family and friends. Children and young adults also wrote in; some about love of country, some about prejudice and many about fear -- fear of planes, fear of war, fear of the unknown.

Here is a sampling of the many letters received.

Beth Beck, Alexandria, Va.
"My daughters and their high school and college friends have discovered patriotism..."

Susan Eaton, Baton Rouge, La.
"We seem even more reluctant to say good night and to leave the company of close friends..."

Arthur T., Arizona high school student
"I wish that the FBI and the other law enforcement agencies would catch Osama bin Laden so we can start living a peaceful and happy life..."

Merna Y., Oregon
"I am from Egypt. Since the attacks, people in my classes have been criticizing and ridiculing me..."

Leslie Fravel, Oakton, Va.
"Many of (my) students have seen first-hand the destruction at the Pentagon, as they pass it on their way to school...."

Chris, Maryland fifth-grader
"My mom is going to Massachusetts for a business meeting and I'm worried that the plane might crash, explode or get hijacked..."

Robin Shain, Little Rock, Ark.
"One small observation from one small boy reignites my horror over what has already occurred, and my dread for what may lie ahead..."

Jennifer Minton, Glencoe, Calif.
"The enemy is no longer just the stranger coming towards me in the parking lot, or the car coming up from behind, or the unexpected knock on the front door..."

Amy Thiessen, Norman, Okla.
"...there is no return to the 'normal' that once was..."

Joey T. Johnston, Dallas
"I've rediscovered my passions, my fears and my love for others..."

Lynn Lewis, Irvine, Calif.
"I suppose that our lives haven't changed much since 9/11/01 except that the gray has gotten grayer..."

Jerry Hok, Bigfork, Mont.
"I used to tear up unsolicited mail to obliterate my address before depositing it in the post office waste bins..."

Juanita T., New Mexico 10th-grader
"Is killing thousands of innocent Afghans the answer? They are only human, like us Americans..."