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Six Months After Sept. 11, America Reflects

Half a year has passed since jets hijacked by terrorists crashed into the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and a Pennsylvania field. At this grim anniversary, NPR News reports on Americans' countless steps toward recovery -- compensating the terror victims and restoring the crash sites, resisting anti-Islam backlash and replenishing the ranks of firefighters -- and always, remembering those who were lost.

NYC firefighter George Cain Tribute in Light
NYC firefighter George Cain -- one of nine men that a single Manhattan firehouse lost in the World Trade Center attack. Photo: Courtesy Rosemary Cain (L); "Tribute in Light" (enlarge photo) Copyright 2002 Reuters Limited (R).

listen to the audio Post-Sept. 11 Roundtable
Host Scott Simon talks to National Desk reporters Margot Adler, Ina Jaffe, Elizabeth Arnold, David Molpus, Debbie Elliot, and Science correspondent Richard Harris, about what enduring changes they've noticed in the country since Sept. ll.
Weekend Edition Saturday -- March 16, 2002

more Putting a Law Office Back Together
To workers at the Harris Beach law firm, their office on the 85th floor of the World Trade Center's south tower was their "acre in the sky." NPR's Madeleine Brand reports on the firm's efforts to recover in the six months since the Sept. 11 attacks.
Morning Edition -- March 15, 2002

more Patrolling a 'Domestic Front Line'
National Guard Lt. Victor Rojas is 700 miles from home, guarding a Utah depot that holds weapons for the war in Afghanistan. NPR's Renee Montagne talks to Rojas, his family and his fellow Guard members about how 9/11 has changed their lives.
Morning Edition -- March 14, 2002

listen to the audio Charities Regroup
NPR's Barbara Mantel looks at how charities have responded to the massive outpouring of financial support since Sept. 11. She says that charitable groups are now coordinating their efforts more effectively than they were in the first few months after the attacks.
Morning Edition -- March 13, 2002

more Reaching Across the Divide
After experiencing the anti-Islamic hatred that flared after the Sept. 11 terror attacks, a young Muslim teacher reaches out to others to teach them about her faith. NPR's Jackie Northam reports.
Morning Edition -- March 12, 2002

listen to the audio World Trade Center Memorial
NPR's Margot Adler reports from New York City on the "Tribute in Light," the temporary memorial to victims of the World Trade Center attack. Eighty-eight intense search beams are arrayed next to each other, into towering squares of light. The memorial is lit from dusk to 11:00pm ET every night through mid-April.
Morning Edition -- March 12, 2002

more New York Firefighters Help Each Other Heal
Of the 343 New York City firefighters and fire department officers lost in the Sept. 11 attack, nine were from a firehouse on East 29th Street. Six months later, the firefighters who survived have resumed their routines. "I handle it by coming to work and keeping busy," says one, "because when I'm home and when I'm alone, that's when I start to thinking about it." From member station WNYC, Beth Fertig reports.
All Things Considered -- March 11, 2002

listen to the audio Talk of the Nation: Six Months Later
Join Talk of the Nation host Neal Conan for a discussion about memorials for the victims of Sept 11. NPR Senior News Analyst Daniel Schorr, eyewitnesses and victims of the terrorist attacks also join the discussion.
Talk of the Nation -- March 11, 2002

more A Life Without Odessa
Odessa Morris was a budget analyst for the Defense Department who spent her free time raising pet goats and dispensing financial advice to friends. She died in the attack on the Pentagon, leaving behind a husband struggling to find a life without her. NPR's Alex Chadwick reports.
Morning Edition -- March 11, 2002

listen to the audio Ground Zero Contamination
Host Tavis Smiley speaks to Eric Goldstein of the Natural Resources Defense Counsel and New York Daily News columnist Juan Gonzalez about the serious health issues caused by debris from the World Trade Center collapse. The two are concerned not only for the safety of New Yorkers but also by the conduct of some government agencies which they charge did not properly inform the public about the health risks.
The Tavis Smiley Show -- March 11, 2002

listen to the audio Victims' Families
Six months after Sept. 11, NPR's Chris Arnold reports on one family's struggle to deal with the loss of the husband and father.
Weekend All Things Considered -- March 10, 2002

listen to the audio Ground Zero Buildings
A number of buildings in Manhattan sustained structural damage from the collapse of the World Trade Center. Some of those buildings were historic sites. Engineers are working with mountain climbers, who rappel down the buildings to determine the extent of the damage. Jon Kalish reports.
Weekend Edition Sunday -- March 10, 2002

listen to the audio Living In Manhattan
NPR's Jim Zarroli reports on people with disabilities in the lower Manhattan neighborhood of Battery Park City who are still finding it difficult to get around their neighborhood.
Weekend Edition Saturday -- March 9, 2002

more Rebuilding the Pentagon
Six months after the Sept. 11 attack on the Pentagon, morale is high among construction workers and the rebuilding job is progressing faster than expected. Outside the site, a small shrine commemorates the victims of the terrorist attack. NPR's Emily Harris describes the scene in words and pictures.
All Things Considered -- March 8, 2002

listen to the audio Public Opinion Since Sept. 11
All Things Considered guest host Jacki Lyden talks with Andrew Kohut, director of the Pew Research Center for the People and the Press, about how public opinion has changed on a number of subjects six months after Sept. 11.
All Things Considered -- March 7, 2002

listen to the audio Windows On the World
NPR's Melissa Block chronicles the struggles of surviving employees of Windows on the World, the restaurant that used to top one of the World Trade Center towers in New York City.
Morning Edition -- March 4, 2002

more Construction Workers at Ground Zero
Photographer Joel Meyerowitz is one of the few documentarians allowed at Ground Zero in the months since Sept. 11. His studio manager, Susan Jenkins, found a way in too and has been recording the thoughts of workers at the site. Public radio veteran Jay Allison, and the Open Studio Project have created an audio archive documenting life, and death, at Ground Zero.

more Sonic Memorial
An audio tribute to the sounds of life at the World Trade Center.

more Online Discussion
Share your thoughts about the events of Sept. 11, six months later, on this online discussion board.