Being a mascot is exhausting work. No one celebrates wins with more gusto, or takes losses so hard. Running, jumping, performing stunts, pumping up the stadium crowd... the mascot does it all, in a foam suit covered with fur.
May 10, 2000

A Trip to Mascot Class

Mascot training

Team mascots from around the country gather in Newark, Del., where the eager students take a special class to improve their skills. The "Master Mascot Class" is run by Dave Raymond, who used to be "the Phanatic," the amoeba-shaped mascot of the Philadelphia Phillies.

April 30, 1997

Uga: The University of Georgia Mascot

University of Georgia mascot, Uga

Lawyer Sonny Seiler of Savannah, Ga., is the proud owner of Uga (that's UHG-uh), the bulldog mascot of the University of Georgia. Uga was featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated as the nation's best college mascot and Seiler says this dog is the fifth in a distinguished line of Ugas.

June 1, 2001

Dangers of the Job

A survey conducted by The Johns Hopkins University indicates that mascot work can be hazardous. NPR's Noah Adams talks with the man behind "Poe the Raven," mascot for the Baltimore Ravens. Greg Black speaks about the dangers of the job from personal experience.

Feb. 3, 2001

Godzilla, Church Mascot

Not every mascot is sports-related. The Christian Worship Center in Zillah, Wash., has taken the unlikely step of adopting Godzilla as its spiritual mascot. Hear Pastor Gary Conner and NPR's Scott Simon.



The UC-Santa Cruz Banana Slug

A Few Thoughts on School Spirit from the UC-Santa Cruz Banana Slug

Brina Mocsny, a 20-year-old junior, suits up this fall for her second year as the slug.

What's the best part of being a mascot? Little kids love the slug. Whenever there are kids around they want to play with the tail and bat your antenna. Even if the team loses, the kids don't know. So that's awesome.

Have you ever had a mascot-related injury? I was tackled once. But that was one of my friends. He got me pretty hard, but the slug costume has a lot of padding. It's got a big tail.

Why is team spirit important? We're a division III school, so we get no money to play. We play for the love of the sport, truly.

It's hard to have so much passion and just keep losing. Last year I think our basketball team went 3-31. But when we do well, there's that much more reward. A few times our team played really well against teams of high calibre, and even if they didn't win, they got standing ovations. That's what it's all about.

Sept. 9, 2004

A Roster of Mascots

  • Williams College Purple Cows
  • Penn Fighting Quakers
  • University of Richmond Spiders
  • Sir Purr, Carolina Panthers (NFL)
  • University of Idaho Vandals
  • Ohio Wesleyan Battlin' Bishops
  • Bevo, a Texas longhorn steer, University of Texas
  • Thunder Chickens, Doane Stuart School in Albany, N.Y.
  • Louisiana-Lafayette Ragin' Cajuns

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