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Speedy Ortiz performs live on KEXP. Amber Knecht/KEXP hide caption

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Favorite Sessions

Speedy Ortiz, 'Raising The Skate' KEXP-FM

Sadie Dupuis has figured out how to channel the saltiest bits of '90s-inspired indie-rock.

Cayucas performs live on Morning Becomes Eclectic. Scott Dudelson/KRCW hide caption

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Favorite Sessions

Cayucas, 'Dancing At The Blue Lagoon' KCRW-FM

Watch the L.A. band perform the sunlit indie-pop jam "Dancing At The Blue Lagoon" in its hometown.

Vaadat Charigim performs live on KEXP. Charina Pitzel/KEXP hide caption

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Favorite Sessions

Vaadat Charigim, 'Hadavhar' KEXP-FM

Watch the Israeli shoegaze band fill the KEXP studio with the atmospheric psych-rock of "Hadavhar."

Lonnie Holley performs at the 2014 Pickathon festival. David Blanchard/opbmusic hide caption

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Favorite Sessions

Lonnie Holley, 'Kilimanjaro Eyes'

Watch the singer perform "Kilimanjaro Eyes" on the Woods Stage at the 2014 Pickathon festival.

Patrick Watson performs 'Hearts' live on KCRW. Larry Hirshowitz/KCRW hide caption

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Favorite Sessions

Patrick Watson, 'Hearts' KCRW-FM

Watch the Montreal singer bring the lush, layered, atmospheric "Hearts" to Morning Becomes Eclectic.

TORRES performs live at the KEXP studio. Matthew B. Thompson/KEXP hide caption

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Favorite Sessions

Torres, 'Sprinter' (Live) KEXP-FM

Watch Mackenzie Scott and her band perform the title track from their powerful new album, Sprinter.

Mandolin Orange performs live on Folk Alley. Folk Alley hide caption

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Favorite Sessions

Mandolin Orange, 'Little Worlds' (Live)

Watch the folk-pop duo pay homage to that springtime feeling in a performance of "Little Worlds."

Dawes performs live on KCRW. Larry Hirshowitz/KCRW hide caption

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Favorite Sessions

Dawes, 'Things Happen' (Live) KCRW-FM

Watch the L.A. roots-rock group perform "Things Happen" from its new album, All Your Favorite Bands.

Folk Alley

Favorite Sessions

Martin Sexton, 'Do It Daily' (Live)

Sexton calls "Do It Daily" the "Memphis, 1962 portion" of his new album, Mixtape Of The Open Road.

Jessie Baylin performs live on KCRW. Tim Hsiung/KCRW hide caption

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Favorite Sessions

Jessie Baylin, 'Black Blood' (Live) KCRW-FM

Watch the singer perform "Black Blood," which exemplifies her seductive, emotional songwriting.