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Mannie Fresh onstage in Washington, D.C. Becky Harlan for NPR hide caption

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Mannie Fresh Live: 'Real Talk'

The legendary New Orleans producer and DJ on Lil Wayne, Juvenile, Mantronix, Mos Def and his dad.

Listen to D'Angelo's conversation with author Nelson George on Wednesday night. Courtesy of the artist hide caption

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A Conversation With D'Angelo

Listen to an interview between the R&B star and author Nelson George, live from Brooklyn.

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Jeremiah Jae And Oliver The 2nd: 'Take It Back To The Essence'

"We just want to make the music the focal point and make that as great as we can make it."

Rob Gullatte during an interview with Microphone Check in Austin, Texas. NPR hide caption

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Rob Gullatte: 'I Just Can't Seem To Get These Raps Out My Head'

"I got a job," says the Houstonian. "I like my job, it's cool. But I'm sitting there writing raps."

Lunice, center, being interviewed by Microphone Check's Ali Shaheed Muhammed, left, and Frannie Kelley, right. NPR hide caption

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Lunice: 'I Ain't Doing What That Guy Did'

The producer and DJ on his performance style, learning from the greats and reading autobiographies.

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The Outfit, TX: 'Where Is That Working Man's Music?'

The trio sat down in the Austin sunshine and opined on Texas funk, Texas weather and their business.

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Young Chop: 'I Gotta Stay Working'

Even in the midst of SXSW, the Chicago producer was selling beats and putting in studio time.

Mito Habe-Evans/NPR

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Kevin Gates: 'I Put All My Flaws On Front Street'

"The more I grow in popularity," the rising Baton Rouge rapper says, "the lonelier it gets."