Collective Action: When mysterious violence plagues their town, village elders (including the local baroness, played by Ursina Lardi) set out to pinpoint a cause. The trouble, suggests director Michael Haneke, is that causes are everywhere. Films du Losange/Sony Pictures Classics hide caption

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Through The Looking Glass: Surreal visuals, a stream-of-consciousness plot and three (yes three, including Jude Law, above) actors playing fantasyland alter egos for the late Heath Ledger: Doctor Parnassus isn't easy to follow, but it's fun to look at. Sony Pictures Classics hide caption

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A Word Is Worth A Thousand Pictures: Conversations are the main action sequences as a plainclothes detective (Dragos Bucur) trails a young druggie through a post-Communist Romanian backwater. IFC Films hide caption

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A Queen Or A Pawn?: Victoria (Emily Blunt) is crowned queen of England at just 18 years old, and attempts to assert control over the many players tugging her in different political directions. hide caption

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Fire And Rain: Raizo (played by the Korean pop star Rain) is adopted by the Clan of the Black Sand and trained as a ninja, only to turn against them to avenge his girlfriend's death. Warner Bros. Pictures hide caption

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Hard Target: Zhang Fengyi plays the martially inclined prime minister Cao Cao in a battle epic that makes Zack Snyder's 300 look unambitious — and that lets some character-building get lost amid the sweep of history. Magnet Releasing hide caption

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Political theater: William Kunstler, pictured at a rally for the so-called Chicago Seven, was famous for defending some of America's most polarizing people in the courts. David Fenton/Arthouse Films hide caption

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He Believes It, Even If You Don't: Michael Ruppert seems deeply convinced of the "conspiracy facts" he airs in Collapse, but his tears aren't proof of his prophecies. Collapse Movie, LLC hide caption

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Zentropa Entertainments

In The Clutch: Stage veteran Michael Stuhlbarg gets his first leading movie role — as a panicky physics professor — in Joel and Ethan Coen's latest film. A Serious Man is "a sort of innocence-to-experience story," he says, though its outcome is uncertain. Wilson Webb hide caption

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A New Kind Of Lesson Plan: Polly (Lily Cole) and her female fellows set out to save St. Trinian's, widely known as the most unruly school in England, from bankruptcy — with a scheme to rob London's National Gallery. NeoClassics Films Ltd. hide caption

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