Growing Pains: Prodigal Sons tells the story of a renewed relationship between Marc McKerrow (left) and filmmaker Kimberly Reed (born Paul McKerrow, center, with youngest brother Todd at right). In it, Marc McKerrow, who was adopted, goes in search of his biological parents while Reed documents his search. First Run Features hide caption

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Somebody To Love: Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan plays Rizvan Khan, an awkward yet endearing man on a quest to reclaim the love of his life. Sameer Belvalkar/Fox Searchlight hide caption

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The Most Dangerous Man: Daniel Ellsberg (left) and his colleague Anthony Russo (right) stood trial for espionage in 1973 after leaking a top-secret Pentagon study of the Vietnam War to the New York Times. The charges were eventually dropped. First Run Features/AP hide caption

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Filmmaker Rick Goldsmith has appealed to Daniel Ellsberg's knowledge for the making of a previous film on journalist George Seldes. Lynn Adler hide caption

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Kiss The Sky: Cyril Raffaelli (left) stars as Damien Tomaso, and David Belle as Leito — two unlikely allies trying to pacify a rough Paris suburb. Belle is often credited as the creator of parkour, a physical and mental discipline on display throughout the film. Magnolia Pictures hide caption

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Unlikely Couple: An alienated soccer star from the Palestinian city of Nablus, Tarek (Shredi Jabarin, foreground) meets Keren (Hili Yalon) near a bustling market in Tel Aviv — where Tarek, in an effort to save his father, intends to blow himself up. FilmMovement hide caption

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On Your Marks, Get Set: Avery Klein-Cloud is the daughter, the sister, the track star and the co-writer of Off and Running — but the film doesn't quite go. First Run Features hide caption

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Girl In Motion: Jeanne (Emilie Dequenne) ignites a furor with allegations of an anti-Semitic attack on a Paris commuter train. Strand Releasing hide caption

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Twin Turbo: Smitten with a passion for an uninhibited neighbor, the teenaged Nick Twisp (Michael Cera) creates a bad-boy alter ego — cynical, world-weary ladies man Francois Dillinger, at left. Chuy Chavez/Dimension Films hide caption

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Collective Action: When mysterious violence plagues their town, village elders (including the local baroness, played by Ursina Lardi) set out to pinpoint a cause. The trouble, suggests director Michael Haneke, is that causes are everywhere. Films du Losange/Sony Pictures Classics hide caption

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Through The Looking Glass: Surreal visuals, a stream-of-consciousness plot and three (yes three, including Jude Law, above) actors playing fantasyland alter egos for the late Heath Ledger: Doctor Parnassus isn't easy to follow, but it's fun to look at. Sony Pictures Classics hide caption

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A Word Is Worth A Thousand Pictures: Conversations are the main action sequences as a plainclothes detective (Dragos Bucur) trails a young druggie through a post-Communist Romanian backwater. IFC Films hide caption

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A Queen Or A Pawn?: Victoria (Emily Blunt) is crowned queen of England at just 18 years old, and attempts to assert control over the many players tugging her in different political directions. hide caption

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