Grizzled Soviet submarine captain Demi (Ed Harris) fights crew subversion and personal pain in a losing Cold War struggle against American opponents. RCR Distribution hide caption

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Wang Han (Liu Wenqing) is given the honor of leading his schoolmates in daily calisthenics, but the honor poses hurdles for his struggling family. First Run Features hide caption

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Akiko (Rin Takanashi) is a young call girl and university student in modern Tokyo who hesitantly befriends an elderly male client. IFC Films hide caption

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In Steven Soderbergh's medical thriller Side Effects, Emily (Rooney Mara) goes through an emotional crisis — and then a psychopharmacological one — after her husband Martin (Channing Tatum) is released from prison. Eric Liebowitz/Open Road Films hide caption

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Sung Kang plays a D.C. cop at large in New Orleans, where he finds himself in an uneasy alliance with hit man Sylvester Stallone in the blues-rock driven crime drama Bullet to the Head. Frank Masi/Warner Bros. Pictures hide caption

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More than 30 men set out to sea in the titular boat of The Pirogue. With that many actors and only an hour of time, not every character gets fleshed out — but the director's eye for singular faces helps. ArtMattan Productions hide caption

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Peter Davies, age 56, and his Good Intentions bandmates Gabi (left) and Francesco Roskel appear in the latest installment of the Up documentary series, inspired by the Jesuit saying, "Give me the child until he is 7 and I will show you the man." Harriet Gill/First Run Features hide caption

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Wells (Will Brill, from left), Joe (Brahm Vaccarella), Douglas (John Magaro) and Eugene (Jack Huston) try to make it big as a rock band in the 1960s. Barry Wetcher/Paramount Pictures hide caption

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Without a supportive family, a rebellious teenager (Zoe Kravitz) must take care of herself in a troubled neighborhood. MPI Media hide caption

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Addison (Eric Bana) and Liza (Olivia Wilde) run for the Canadian border after a casino heist gone wrong. Jonathan Wenk/Magnolia Pictures hide caption

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