Bobby Sommer is Johann, an "invisible" Vienna museum guard who becomes profoundly connected to a frequent visitor after she starts to take notice of him. Cinema Guild hide caption

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Ali Suliman, noted for his role in the Oscar-nominated film Paradise Now, plays Amin Jaafari, an Arab-Israeli surgeon whose world is rocked in the wake of a Tel Aviv bombing. Cohen Media Group hide caption

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In More Than Honey, Attica Boa's striking close-up photography helps visualize a story whose urgency needs no amplification: With global honeybee populations threatened, the world's food supply could be seriously endangered. Kino Lorber hide caption

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Sabine Azema (left) and Pierre Arditi are two of the veteran actors drawn into a convoluted retelling — and reimagining — of the Orpheus and Eurydice story in Alain Resnais' You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet. Kino Lorber hide caption

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The Kings Of Summer stars (from left) Gabriel Basso as Patrick, Moises Arias as Biaggio and Nick Robinson as Joe. The three teenagers escape from their constrictive parents to build a house of their own in the woods. Courtesy Toy's House Productions hide caption

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Will Smith (left) and Jaden Smith star in After Earth, an unfortunately humorless film. Courtesy of Columbia Pictures. hide caption

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Source material: As a virtual prisoner these days, he doesn't supply much in the way of fresh information — but WikiLeaks overlord Julian Assange is very much at the center of Alex Gibney's documentary We Steal Secrets. Jo Straube/Universal Pictures hide caption

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Supporters of environmental activist Tim DeChristopher picket outside his criminal trial. The economics student ran into trouble with the federal government when he bid on — and won — mineral rights he had no intention of exploiting. First Run Features hide caption

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Augustine (the French singer-actress billed as Soko) was a 19th-century Paris housemaid diagnosed with the then-fashionable condition known as "hysteria" — a catchall used to label many ailments women suffered in that age. Jean Claude Lother/Music Box Films hide caption

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Christine (Lola Creton) and Gilles (Clement Metayer) are the sometime couple at the center of Olivier Assayas' smart, clear-eyed examination of a still-painful period in France's recent past. Carol Bethuel/MK/Sundance Selects hide caption

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Artist Jackie Sumell set out to build a dream home for bank robber Herman Wallace, whose additional conviction for killing a prison guard is the subject of a long-running dispute. First Run Features hide caption

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Jane (Rachel McAdams) rekindles an old affair with the taciturn Neil (Ben Affleck), an environmental investigator whose work takes him to a remote Oklahoma town in the enigmatic new film To the Wonder. Mary Cybulski/Magnolia Pictures hide caption

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Jim (Robert Redford) must flee with his daughter, Isabel (Jackie Evancho), to the scene of a past crime in order to avoid a probing amateur reporter. Doane Gregory/Sony Pictures Classics hide caption

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