Young And Fearless: Atafeh (Nikohl Boosheri, left), a member of Iran's upper class, falls for Shireen (Sarah Kazemy), an orphaned classmate. The two explore Iran's rebellious youth subculture together, sneaking out at night to go clubbing and graffiti public property. Brian Rigney Hubbard/Roadside Attractions hide caption

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The Thin, Unread Line: From left, Thomas (Rupert Friend) and Sebastian (Richard Coyle) are war reporters struggling to comprehend both the Russia-Georgia conflict and the outside world's tepid response to their coverage. In the summer of 2008, most TV outlets were focused on the Olympics instead. Nakanimamasakhlisi/Anchor Bay Films hide caption

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Going Whole Hog: Paloma (Garance LeGuillermic), the whimsically suicidal 11-year-old at the center of the The Hedgehog (based on a novel by Muriel Barbery), tries to get a better grip on life through her fellow apartment dwellers. It's a strange tonal balancing act, and the film doesn't quite pull it off. Neoclassics Films hide caption

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Perfect for the untapped market of hormonal prepubescent males who also enjoy lessons in Chinese history, 3-D Sex And Zen: Extreme Ecstasy (starring Saori Hara, left, and Hiro Hayama) throws every imaginable object except actual genitalia at the screen over its two-hour-plus runtime. China Lion Film Distribution hide caption

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Totally Trashed: Nick (Jesse Eisenberg, right) enlists his best friend Chet (Aziz Ansari) to help him rob a bank after two dim-witted criminals strap a bomb to his chest. Though the pizza-delivery man who inspired the film died in real life, director Ruben Fleischer opts for a lighthearted (and sloppy) approach to the story. Sony Pictures hide caption

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Moving In Mysterious Ways: Over the course of its 4 1/2 hours, the film tracks, abandons and reconnects with characters of various social classes, including Angela de Lima (Maria Joao Bastos, center), mother to protagonist Pedro, and Father Dinis (Adriano Luz), who looks after Pedro as a boy. Music Box Films hide caption

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Road Warriors: Timothy Leary (left) and Neal Cassady, the inspiration for Dean Moriarty in Jack Kerouac's On the Road, were two of the Merry Pranksters onboard the psychedelic "Further" bus in 1964. Magic Trip tries to immortalize their journey to a larger extent than the film is able to support. Allen Ginsberg/Corbis hide caption

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Cop And A Laugh: Sgt. Gerry Boyle (Brendan Gleeson, right) finds his routine indulgences challenged by the presence of straight-laced FBI Agent Wendell Everett (Don Cheadle) in his small Irish patrol. The pair must work together to track down a trio of dope smugglers. Jonathan Hession/Sony Pictures Classics hide caption

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Unlocked Baggage: In Paris, American journalist Julia Jarmond (Kristin Scott Thomas) is writing an article about a historical atrocity as she and her husband move into one of the properties where it took place. The film's obvious script spells out the situational irony a bit too cleanly. Julien Bonet/The Weinstein Company hide caption

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Dancing With Elephants: Svetlana Geier, a Ukranian fluent in German, survived the reigns of both Stalin and Hitler. She channeled her grim past into a career translating Feodor Dostoevsky's dense classics, like Crime and Punishment. Cinema Guild hide caption

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The Story Of Her Life: Joyce McKinney's scheme to deprogram Mormon missionary Kirk Anderson involved her tracking him to England, shackling him to a bed and burning his "magic underwear." In their race to keep up with her exploits, the gossip rags of the day rewrote the rules on tabloid journalism. Sundance Selects hide caption

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Midnight Marauders: Phife Dawg (from left), Q-Tip and Ali Shaheed Muhammad ruminate on their success in the hip-hop world. The film, named after A Tribe Called Quest's best-selling 1996 album, lavishes attention on the group's history of conflict and dysfunction. Robert Benavides/Sony Pictures Classics hide caption

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Viorel (Cristi Puiu), a divorced, bitter malcontent, is plotting to turn his simmering rage into action. The film depicts his arduous preparations in a stately, unhurried manner, using long takes and shots framed at a distance. Cinema Guild hide caption

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Enter Sandmen: Musical performances make up the bulk of Passione, and director John Turturro often can't resist getting in on the action. Max Casella (from left), Fiorello, an unnamed dancer and Turturro search for Neapolitan oil in the song "Caravan Petrol." Beta Cinema hide caption

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Stomp The Yards: Graphic designer Daniel Goldstein turned neighborhood rabble-rouser to take on Brooklyn's proposed Atlantic Yards project, which would have demolished his condo to make room for 16 skyscrapers and a new basketball arena. Tracy Collins/Rumur hide caption

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