The All-Natural Hotbox: Dan Sanders (Brendan Fraser) endures the wrath of woodland creatures — including a pack of angry skunks in his car — when he agrees to oversee the construction of a housing development on their woodland home. Summit Entertainment hide caption

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Treasure Hunt: In The Good, The Bad, The Weird, three bandits must compete with the Japanese army and other desert nomads as they travel across the Manchurian desert in search of a map. CJ Entertainment Inc. hide caption

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Control Issues: Aaron (Chris Rock) is the unlucky son charged with organizing his dad's funeral — which ends up being a circus of missteps, secrets and snafus that make for a one-of-a-kind sendoff. Phil Bray hide caption

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Hip Cats: No One Knows About Persian Cats is co-written by journalist Roxana Saberi, who spent time in Iran's notorious Evin prison last year, and follows musician couple Negar Shaghaghi (right) and Ashkan Koshanejad (second from right) on their mission to assemble a band and play one last show before they flee Tehran. Mijfilm hide caption

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Love Me Two Times: While director Tom DiCillo does address the band's formation, the documentary is more about Jim Morrison than The Doors — not exactly surprising, considering that Morrison's notorious on-stage antics once led to a conviction for public indecency. Rhino Entertainment hide caption

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Coffee Talk: In Breaking Upwards, Daryl (Daryl Wein) and Zoe (Zoe Lister-Jones) decide to mix things up when their relationship goes stale. Their new deal: For four days a week, they'll be boyfriend and girlfriend. The rest is negotiable. Alex Bergman hide caption

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A Mixed Blessing: Xu Jinglei plays a stranger who takes General Pang into her home to nurse him — but later turns out to be a point of contention among him and his allies. Magnet Releasing hide caption

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The Danger Zone: Amanda Seyfried plays the title character in Chloe — an escort who's drawn into a family drama involving a straying husband and a jealous wife. Sony Classics hide caption

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Mother Knows Best: Kim Hye-ja plays the unnamed protagonist in this murder mystery about a devoted mother whose simple-minded son is charged with murdering a teenage girl. Magnolia Pictures hide caption

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Growing Pains: Prodigal Sons tells the story of a renewed relationship between Marc McKerrow (left) and filmmaker Kimberly Reed (born Paul McKerrow, center, with youngest brother Todd at right). In it, Marc McKerrow, who was adopted, goes in search of his biological parents while Reed documents his search. First Run Features hide caption

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Somebody To Love: Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan plays Rizvan Khan, an awkward yet endearing man on a quest to reclaim the love of his life. Sameer Belvalkar/Fox Searchlight hide caption

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The Most Dangerous Man: Daniel Ellsberg (left) and his colleague Anthony Russo (right) stood trial for espionage in 1973 after leaking a top-secret Pentagon study of the Vietnam War to the New York Times. The charges were eventually dropped. First Run Features/AP hide caption

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Filmmaker Rick Goldsmith has appealed to Daniel Ellsberg's knowledge for the making of a previous film on journalist George Seldes. Lynn Adler hide caption

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