As the awkward Malerie (Rebel Wilson) struggles for Carson's (Chris Colfer) attentions, her eager silliness dominates Struck by Lightning. Suzanne Houchin/Tribeca Film hide caption

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Georges' (Jean-Louis Trintignant) love for his wife, Anne (Emmanuelle Riva), is tested in their old age when her failing health becomes a heavy burden. Sony Pictures Classics hide caption

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When a boy with Down syndrome (Isaac Leyva) is abandoned by his mother, a neighbor couple (Garret Dillahunt and Alan Cumming) takes him in. Music Box Films hide caption

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When she leaves her boyfriend, Sarah (Lizzy Caplan) quickly rebounds with Jonathan (Mark Webber). Elisha Christian/IFC Films hide caption

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Franklin Roosevelt (Bill Murray) greets Britain's Queen Elizabeth (Olivia Colman) and King George VI (Samuel West). Nicola Dove/Focus Features hide caption

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Even after her final curtain, a diva is always a diva — as demonstrated by the flamboyant retired soprano Jean (Maggie Smith) in Quartet. The Weinstein Co. hide caption

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Flying 'Solo': Robert Carlyle plays a burnout Britpop veteran drinking his way through a second career among the farmers markets of Southern California — until a DUI bust sends him into a tailspin. Matthew Barnes/Strand Releasing hide caption

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Alfred Hitchcock (Anthony Hopkins) and his wife, Alma Reville (Helen Mirren), work together to produce Psycho. Fox Searchlight hide caption

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Karenin (Jude Law) tries to rein in his wife, Anna (Keira Knightley), as she pursues a flirtation and then an affair with a handsome young military officer in a new adaptation of Leo Tolstoy's iconic love story. Laurie Sparham/Focus Features hide caption

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The titular affair takes place between the Queen of Denmark (Alicia Vikander) and her ailing husband's physician (Mads Mikkelsen). /Magnolia Films hide caption

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Members of a famous string quartet (Mark Ivanir, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Christopher Walken and Catherine Keener) fight to stay together despite internal conflict. RKO Pictures hide caption

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Jews Alon and Orith Silberg (Pascal Elbe and Emmanuelle Devos) and Palestinians Leila and Yacine Al Bezaaz (Areen Omari and Mehdi Dehbi) find out that their sons have been switched at birth. Cohen Media hide caption

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Mark (John Hawkes), a disabled man who has spent most of his life in an iron lung, decides to lose his virginity to a sex surrogate, Cheryl (Helen Hunt). Fox Searchlight hide caption

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