Busman's Honeymoon: Police detective Paul Bellamy (Gerard Depardieu) has been convinced by his wife, Francoise (Marie Bunel), to take his first vacation in years. But an unruly half-brother and a spiraling local mystery lure Bellamy away from his R&R and into a web of betrayal and murder. Moune Jamet/IFC Films hide caption

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A Father's Fight: Cesar Ramos plays Ines and Dermot Mulroney stars as Paul, an American lawyer who crosses the border to Mexico, intent on saving his daughter through the illegal organ trade. Lewis Jacobs/IFC Films hide caption

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Barbara Sukowa (left) plays 12th-centruy abbess Hildegard von Bingen, who teaches Sister Clara (Paula Kalenberg) and her other nuns about medicine and philosophy. Zeitgeist Films hide caption

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New And Improved? When journalist Tamara Drewe (Gemma Arterton) returns to her hometown in the English countryside, her uninhibited new attitude — and her new nose, too — rattle the locals who remember her as an ugly duckling. Peter Mountain/Sony Pictures Classics hide caption

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On a quest to find Tom's fifth-grade crush, the two brothers take several wrong turns — and the chance to work their own problems out. Paladin hide caption

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A Parent's Patience: Margret Dagmar Ericsdottir and her son, Keli, try to solve some of the biggest challenges that come with autism — communication and social awareness. First Run Features hide caption

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Game On: Chef Jacquy Pfeiffer of the French Pastry School in Chicago seeks to earn a place among des Meilleurs Ouvriers de France to be celebrated, in short, as one of the best of the best at his chosen craft. Paul Strabbing/First Run Features hide caption

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Tap Shoes And Schoolboy Shorts: Willie (Rocky McKenzie) and his classmates defy the Church’s racial doctrine through dance in "I’d Rather Be an Aborigine." Matthew Neitthem/Robyn Kershaw Productions hide caption

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Man's Best Frenemy: J.R. Ackerley, voiced by Christopher Plummer, was a misfit loner who -- after getting fed up with his German shepherd's improper attachment to his trouser leg -- set out to find a species-appropriate mate for his pet. New Yorker Films hide caption

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It's A Boy: Goran (Gustaf Skarsgard, younger brother of True Blood's Alexander and son of veteran actor Stellan) and Sven (Torkel Petersson) learn they've been approved to adopt a young son. But the adoption doesn't go exactly as planned. Anders Jorgensen/Regent Releasing hide caption

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Pyramid Scheme: Cairo Time stars Patricia Clarkson as a New York fashion editor who comes to Egypt with her husband. But when circumstances throw them together, Juliette finds herself drawn to a lanky Cairo native (Alexander Siddig). Colm Hogan/IFC Films hide caption

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Going Under: Bill Murray continues his streak of tragicomic roles in Get Low, playing an undertaker who gets involved in the life -- and approaching death -- of a mysterious hermit played by Robert Duvall. Sam Emerson/Sony Pictures Classics hide caption

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Mom's The Word: Annette Bening (left) and Julianne Moore play a comically yin-yang couple in The Kids Are All Right. Bening's Nic is a high-strung gynecologist with a sharp tongue, while Moore's Jules is a mellower, flightier stay-at-home mom. Suzanne Tenner/Focus Features hide caption

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Unchained Melody: In his documentary The Agony And Ecstasy Of Phil Spector, director Vikram Jayanti casts the eccentric music producer in a decidedly kindly light. Vixpix Films hide caption

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