Good Boy, Bad Boy: Blink-182 frontman Mark Hoppus and his son Jack are part of one family profiled in The Other F Word. Hoppus' experience with divorced parents both triggered his punk-rock passion and made him want to be a good father. Oscilloscope Pictures hide caption

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Former CIA agent Paul Shepherdson (Richard Gere) and FBI rookie Ben Geary (Topher Grace) team up to uncover the investigate the murder of a U.S. senator.

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Elizabeth Olsen (left) plays Martha — or is she Marcy? May or Marlene? — a strained and strange young woman who has fled a cult's rural commune to take refuge with her sister (Sarah Paulson).

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Constant 'Garden'-er: A diligent mom (Julia Roberts, with Cayden Boyd) struggles to hold together a family dominated by an overbearing father and rocked over the years by conflict and tragedy.

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Broomfield, who moved to Palin's hometown of Wasilla, AK, while making the film, was ultimately unable to secure an interview with the former Republican vice-presidential candidate — so he appears with a cardboard stand-up of her in his documentary. Freestyle Releasing hide caption

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A criminally underused Christina Hendricks (right) plays Kate's best mate. Craig Blankenhorn/The Weinstein Company hide caption

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Art's Sake: Dominic "Dom" Fredianelli is the linchpin of a group of young Michigan men who go off to war — and return home bearing its scars — in Where Soldiers Come From. An art student at Finlandia University, Fredianelli channeled his experiences into a massive mural in his hometown. Justin Hennard/Quincy Hill Films hide caption

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Settling A Tab? Rachel (Jessica Chastain, left) and David (Sam Worthington) are '60s-era Mossad agents in John Madden's thriller The Debt. Laurie Sparham/Focus Features hide caption

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The Money Man: Bernard Madoff arrives at federal court in New York on Thursday, March 12, 2009 in this Associated Press photo. But the road that led to his capture was long and troubled, mostly due to the lack of cooperation from the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission and the Wall Street Journal. Mary Altaffer/ASSOCIATED PRESS hide caption

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Look, No Hands: Dexter (Jim Sturgess) and Emma (Anne Hathaway) are one-time lovers who stretch One Day over 20 years. The problem is that they're an unfair matchup: Bubbly, luminous Emma has no business continuing to pine for a self-absorbed jerk like Dexter. Giles Keyte/Focus Features hide caption

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Fearing retribution from their employers, Minny and Aibileen are at first reluctant to share their stories, but they eventually come around to allow Skeeter a glimpse into their world. Dale Robinette/Dreamworks Pictures hide caption

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Lost In The World: The humongous shadow of a just-emerged planet exactly like our own engulfs the life of Rhoda (Brit Marling), for whom another earth represents redemption. The film is most effective when it discards its own space junk and focuses on the simple story of a girl and her planet. Fox Searchlight Pictures hide caption

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Lifeblood: In her acting debut, Khomotso Manyaka plays Chanda, a girl from a remote South African village who witnesses the exile of her disease-riddled mother from the community. Chanda's journey to find her will take the girl through the worst of a country that's been through considerable turmoil. Sony Pictures Classics hide caption

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