A Prodigal Daughter: Sky Ferreira plays a pop singer who returns to town for a funeral and clashes with her ex-con father — moving among stratified social circles and illuminating an eclectic community. Jeremy Saulnier/The Cinema Guild hide caption

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At an insurance-sales convention, a naive small-towner (Ed Helms, center) unexpectedly shares a hotel room with two decidedly more worldly colleagues (John C. Reilly, left, and Isiah Whitlock Jr.) — who drag him far outside his rural comfort zone. Kim Simms/Fox Searchlight hide caption

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DIY Detective: A onetime forensic-science major and a serious Sherlock Holmes fan, college dropout Doug (Cris Lankenau, left) launches an amateur investigation when his recently resurfaced ex-girlfriend Rachel (Robyn Rikoon) suddenly disappears. Parks and Weather LLC hide caption

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A Mirror, Two Faces: Paprika Steen's performance as Thea, an actress trying to sober up and regain custody of her children, carries Martin Zandvliet's Applause beyond a genre plot and standard-issue dialogue. World Wide Motion Pictures hide caption

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New Horizons: Bollywood star Aamir Khan plays Arun, a celebrated painter who moves into Mumbai's gentrifying inner city to escape his rarefied world. Aamir Khan Productions hide caption

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Gentle Persuasion: Stellan Skarsgard plays Ulrik, just released after a 12-year prison stint for murder. Once outside, Ulrik pretty much plays along with friends, family and his old criminal boss -- even if it means intimate encounters of an excessively awkward kind. Philip Oegaard/Strand Releasing hide caption

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Gerri and Tom, played by Ruth Sheen and Jim Broadbent, have a wonderfully happy middle-class life and marriage but spend their time entertaining miserable friends -- and worrying about a grown son's failure to settle down. Simon Mein/Sony Pictures Classics hide caption

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Family Time: Aimless Hollywood celeb Johnny Marco (Stephen Dorff, left) gets a surprise when his seldom-seen daughter, Cleo (Elle Fanning), shows up for an extended visit; it gives them time to hang out with Johnny's friend Sammy (Chris Pontius), and perhaps to jump-start the star's stalled life. Merrick Morton/Focus Features hide caption

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Falling Apart: Nicole Kidman and Aaron Eckhart star as Becca and Howie, whose opposing reactions to their son's death lead to a crumbling marriage -- and a difficult but touching journey toward recovery. David Geisbrecht/Lionsgate hide caption

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Average Joe Meets Femme Fatale: Angelina Jolie, left, plays the mysterious Elise, who gets Johnny Depp's American tourist, Frank, into hot water when she leads her enemies to believe he is someone else. Peter Mountain/Sony Pictures hide caption

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Benazir Bhutto, here attending a 1993 campaign rally, was the first woman to lead a Muslim nation. In her struggle to reform and modernize Pakistan, she met with imprisonment, exile, charges of corruption and finally assassination. Robert Nickelsberg/Time Life Pictures/Getty Images hide caption

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In Made in Dagenham, Miranda Richardson plays Barbara Castle, a Cabinet member who backs working-class women in their struggle for equal pay. Susie Allnutt/Sony Pictures Classics hide caption

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God As Her Witness: Isabelle Huppert plays Maria Vial, a French expatriate who refuses to leave her coffee plantation despite a spiraling civil war. Stubbornly focused on her own interests, she turns a blind eye to the escalating chaos -- and the very real dangers approaching. IFC Films hide caption

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Life or Death: James Franco stars as Aron Ralston, a hiker who spends days trapped by a fallen rock in Utah — having told no one where he was going. Chuck Zlotnick/Fox Searchlight Pictures hide caption

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Busman's Honeymoon: Police detective Paul Bellamy (Gerard Depardieu) has been convinced by his wife, Francoise (Marie Bunel), to take his first vacation in years. But an unruly half-brother and a spiraling local mystery lure Bellamy away from his R&R and into a web of betrayal and murder. Moune Jamet/IFC Films hide caption

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