Ogre Ennui: Family life with Fiona (Cameron Diaz) and kids has effectively tamed Shrek (Mike Myers) -- so he decides to make a dangerous deal to recapture his ogre-hood. DreamWorks Animation hide caption

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Star-Crossed: Sophie (Amanda Seyfried) and Charlie (Christopher Egan) meet in Verona, after Sophie finds a 50-year-old letter written to Shakespeare's tragic heroine — and decides to write back. John P. Johnson/Summit Entertainment hide caption

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Parent Trapped: Annette Bening plays Karen, a middle-aged woman who lives with her mother and can't help obsessing over the baby she was forced to give up for adoption at 14. Ralph Nelson/Sony Pictures Classics hide caption

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Cheap Shills: Catherine Keener and Oliver Platt play Kate and Alex, two New York antiques dealers with a knack for estate-sale finds that turn a pretty penny — and a marriage that's lost some of its shine. Piotr Redlinski/Sony Pictures Classics hide caption

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Art Kingpin: Art Spindle (Danny Huston) is a cutthroat, stop-at-nothing art dealer who must have Piet Mondrian's first "Boogie Woogie" painting. He competes with other culturati to buy the painting, the price tag for which is upwards of $20 million. IFC hide caption

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Garden of Eden: In the beautiful Uruguayan countryside, a prosperous plantation family hosts a biographer who wants to write about their deceased novelist patriarch. Laura Linney plays the defiant widow who refuses to give permission for the project. Screen Media hide caption

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Through The Looking Glass: Greta Gerwig plays Florence, an aspiring singer who forges a connection with the depressed and aimless title character of Noah Baumbach's Greenberg. Wilson Webb/Focus Features hide caption

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The End Of The Affair: Giovanna Mezzogiorno plays Ida Dalser, Benito Mussolini's discarded lover and mother of his illegitimate child. The operatic Vincere shows Ida taking on the Mussolini machine — and losing. Daniele Musso/IFC Films hide caption

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Chasing Ghosts: Matt Damon plays Roy Miller, a disillusioned Army warrant officer charged with tracking down weapons of mass destruction in U.S.-occupied Iraq. Universal hide caption

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Family Ties: Demi Moore and Parker Posey play two sisters brought together by their aging father. John Baer hide caption

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Love At First Bite? Valentine's Day follows a group of Angelenos — including a receptionist (Anne Hathaway) and the new flame (Topher Grace) who doesn't know she works a phone-sex line by night — through one fateful Feb. 14. Warner Bros. Pictures hide caption

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Boys And Their Toys: When Colin (Ray Winstone) learns that his wife is leaving him, he takes pointed exception to the news. Image Entertainment hide caption

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Making a splash again: Meryl Streep and Alec Baldwin play exes embarked on a sexcapade in Nancy Meyers' comedy It's Complicated. Which isn't, particularly — though it does proffer some mild wisdom about adults who play well together. hide caption

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Oh So Lonesome: Jeff Bridges plays Bad Blake, an aging country music star whose waning popularity and self-destructive habits have relegated him to small-town shows and a life of stubborn solitude. Lorey Sebastian/Fox Searchlight Pictures hide caption

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