Soul For Sale? Jim Sturgess stars as Jamie, a young man who makes a deal with the demonic Papa B (Joseph Mawle): Papa B will remove the heart-shaped birthmark that covers half of Jamie's face, in exchange for just a few favors. IFC Films hide caption

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Surprising Combo: Robert Downey, Jr., left, and Zach Galifianakis star as two men with vastly different personalities who are thrown together for an unpredictable, bickering-filled journey from Atlanta to Los Angeles. Warner Bros. Pictures hide caption

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Devotedly Determined: Hilary Swank stars as Betty Anne Waters, a single mother of two who spends 18 years becoming a lawyer in order to free her brother Kenny, played by Sam Rockwell, from prison. Fox Searchlight Pictures hide caption

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When the (literally) emasculated ex-womanizer Barry Munday (Patrick Wilson) hears that Ginger (Judy Greer) is expecting his impossible child, he sees fatherhood as a shot at recovering his manhood. Magnolia Pictures hide caption

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Poetic Power: James Franco shines in a challenging role, playing the taciturn but courageously honest poet Allen Ginsberg. JoJo Whilden/Oscilloscope Laboratories hide caption

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A Seminal Moment: Jason Bateman stars as Wally, a hapless specimen who accidentally tips over a very important sample cup -- then impulsively decides to replace the spillage with something locally sourced. Macall Polay/BAster Productions, LLC hide caption

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Love, Indonesian Style: While trying to recover after a messy divorce, Liz (Julia Roberts) meets Felipe (Javier Bardem), a Brazilian architect, in Bali. Francois Duhamel/Sony Pictures hide caption

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War Buddy: James reconnects with Raymond (Wilmer Valderrama), an old Army pal, after coming back from Iraq. Maya Entertainment hide caption

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One Big Lothario: Sergio Peris-Mencheta plays Armando Bruza, a boxer who sparks an awakening in Mirren's Grace. Richard Foreman/E1 Entertainment hide caption

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When A Man Loves A Woman: Casey Affleck (right) and Kate Hudson star in The Killer Inside Me, which has come under fire at film festivals for its graphic depiction of violence against women. IFC Films hide caption

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Once Bitten: Amid an escalating zombie apocalypse, islanders like Tawdry (Wayne Robson, right) struggle to control the locals. Magnet Releasing hide caption

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